Overall view of M50 for stills

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Re: Overall view of M50 for stills

Jon6650 wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

Jon6650 wrote:

usually at 35mm

This is about the size of the film role or sensor?

That is your most used focal length on full frame?

That is your most used focal length on aps-c?

Sorry for lack of clarity. I meant 35mm lens on 135mm film and yes, the 22mm does seem to be an admirable lens to make a small overall unit with similar FOV.

M50 is fine for your purposes.

22mm is good value for money. You don't seem to need fast AF so the only thing missing could be image stabilization.

Viltrox will come up with a 23mm f/1.4. If portraits is your thing, maybe this is a better choice because it allows you to create a thinner DOF.  I don't know if there will become in camera correction profiles available for this lens.

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