D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

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D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

Hello. i wanted to share with you a small test i did using my d700 , d610 and fuji s5.

First i want to say that i own the 3 cameras and i love them all. each camera have its advantages. Nikon D610 is my new addition a newer camera with very good sensor- high iso etc. D700 is a legendary camera with an amazing body and the Fuji S5 pro with a unique Fujifilm CCD sensor with amazing colors and powerful highlight recovery.

Knowing how good is the Fuji in highlight recovery i wanted to compare it with my new addition The d610. I was curious to see The difference between the 2 cameras and how much close the d700 would be.

The lens used for this test is the nikon 50mm f1.8. Using the Fuji i had to step up because of the Apsc sensor.

I used a Tripod, 10 sec Timer, and manual Mode. I set the cameras to the lower iso possible, D700 iso 100, D610 iso 200 and Fuji s5 iso 100.

I used F8 Aperture and i took 2 shots . one shot with 1/20 shutter speed and the other shot with 1/2. I understand that 1/2 was extreme condition but i was was curious to try it and to see how much i can recover from each camera.

For post processing i used photoshop camera raw using only basic tools , like exposure , shadows, highlights , whites . blacks . I used a bit different processing in each image because my purpose was to make the final image to look best in my eyes but using only the basic tools.

The next 2  images are d700   OOC  Jpeg images. Is just an example how the images from 3 cameras looks in OOC.  First picture obviously is taken by 1/20 and the next 1/2 - and is completely burned.

Next are the result after post processing the images that was completely burned.

I didnt expect much from the cameras as image was completely burned, but we can see clearly how much information Fuji can recover. Honestly i am amazed by this camera .

Next are the images shot with 1/20.

After viewing all these it seems that Fuji S5 its a king in high light recovery

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