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Technical question

Firstly - Is it possible to fit the olympus four thirds lenses to one of their fx series cameras?

Secondly - If I did so I understand that I would be shooting in a cropped frame despite the camears fx sensor however would I still see better low light performance due to the bigger pixels of the fx sensor?

And if I were using four thirds lenses on an fx mount would the depth of field be smaller or would it be the same as on the four thirds camera?

Or would I have to buy full frame lenses to get any benefit from an fx camera?

Correct me if im wrong but to me it seems these four thirds are good for:

Nature wildlife sports anything where zoom is needed to get closer

Better in terms of depth of field for landscape

Not so good for shallow depth of field

higher noise

And lastly id like to hear from experienced photographers on their thoughts of the olympus range. Whats good and not so good?

I tend to go on these mini expeditions carrying the camera handheld hiking long distances and I plan to shoot a lot of video for markeitng my business over the coming weeks, months/years. I dont want to edit the video I want them usable right out of the camera. I found I love photographing nature and wildlife and this camera seems good for that.

I try to avoid the tripod.

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