Help and advice on starting afresh - A6500 with quality lenses?

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Help and advice on starting afresh - A6500 with quality lenses?

Hi guys, long time lurker and new user here. Having spent quite a lot of hours going back and forth, I would be very grateful for some insight from you helpful lot! My apologies for the rambling in advance!


For a few years, I’ve been a very happy owner of an A6000, with the 16-50 kit, 32mm f/1.8 zeiss, 10-18 landscape, 12mm samyang, and the 55-210 zoom. I was a huge fan of the 32mm zeiss (the rendering was something special), and enjoyed the odd astro attempts with the samyang. I never really got on with the 1018, and was not thrilled by the IQ from the kit and kit zoom. I generally shoot in raw, though with a toddler now in tow, I am finding myself with less time on my hands to play around with pictures.

A couple of months back on a recent trip, my A6000, kit lens, Zeiss 32mm and landscape lens were all stolen by some professional thieves. I’ve since sold the 55-210m as I was never that happy with it (it came as part of a twin kit set). Haven’t sold my Samyang yet but would be happy to do so if I move away from Sony. I’m seeing this as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board, and really choose a new system that will work for me now, since things have changed (I’ve learned a lot, and have a baby now) have changed a bit since I first started.

My requirements

What I shoot more now is family pics, landscape while travelling (want to start playing with more filters), the odd wildlife and hopefully astro.

I’d like fast AF, lightweight system, few lenses that cover a good range between them but offer great IQ, Probably stick with APSC, and IBIS and weather sealing nice to have. I am happy shooting in raw but would prefer better OOC JPEGs. As before I loved the pictures out of my old Zeiss 32mm, and would like to be able to create photos which give me that nice feeling. I know a lot would be to do with my own photography skill, or lack thereof, but I do see value in good glass.

No fixed budget as yet but not a money tree.

My research so far

I had almost concluded that a Fuji X-t30 was my answer, but their lack of a far reaching zoom and the lack of IBIS were putting me off, just as Sony brought out their new 70-300m G lens.

I even looked at the Leica CL/TL2, as an attempt to get that Leica look/feeling, but I think I would find the cost of extra lenses limiting. I’m thinking perhaps save the money on the body, and get better glass.

Where I am

I’m leaning towards A6500 now. Compared to the A6000 I understand that it has an improved sensor, faster AF, IBIS and weather sealing. The lens offerings are good, and I really want to know if Sony Zeiss (Zony) lenses would offer the same sort of rendering that my Zeiss 32mm once provided. I’m considering:


16-70 zony f/4 as my main lense

+ another 32mm zeiss

Or the new 16-55 f/2.8

I still have my Samyang 12mm for landscape and astro.

Then when the time comes (if we find time to go to Richmond Park for deer rutting next year, say), I’ll invest in the new 70-300m.

I’d be really interested in your views. Happy to hear more options thrown in the mix, or lenses that I should consider. Ultimately I want great pictures (who doesn’t) and a kit that would allow me to continue learning and trying more things with more limited time.

Thanks so much in advance! 

Sony a6000 Sony a6500
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