What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: Well, you're not going to get it here...

Over the years I had a series of Canon compacts (SX200, SX240,SX270) followed by Panasonic TZ70. I loved their portability but whilst I like the TZ70’s electronic viewfinder I missed the Canon’s processor and its JPG performance.

I then bought a Mark 1 Panasonic LX100 with its 4/3 sensor, bright EVF and wonderful manual control (by turning old fashioned knobs and dials) for shutter speed and aperture. It gives much better shots than the TZ70 and I now shoot almost exclusively RAW and get really good images. I have not felt the need to upgrade to the Mark 2 with its larger sensor. Indeed when my first LX100 was knocked out of my hand onto a stone floor which killed it, I bought an almost new LX100 mark 1 off eBay and now use that.

However, whilst the LX100 is a versatile camera that is a joy to use, its zoom range is only 24mm to 75mm (equivalent) and to satisfy my telephoto needs I have just this week bought a brand new (but discounted price) Canon G3X.

So my advice is don’t be afraid to pick and mix  between different manufacturers. For those of us experienced photographers that prefer the versatility of compact/bridge cameras over the bulk of SLRs/ILCs then I think LX100 + G3X could be a winning combination!

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