Overall view of M50 for stills

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Re: Overall view of M50 for stills

Jon6650 wrote:

Hi, here my first time ever to venture here as my only ever Canon was and still is Eos5 from the late 90s! It's still going strong
I still mostly shoot film but when travelling I do miss digital sometimes so I want a cheap, light, used digital for those times. I don't shoot video or sports or nature, just portraits and travel pics usually at 35mm.
So I was looking at last gen Fuji's, M43 and the like and then came across a few used M50 that I'd never considered before, at pretty similar prices.
Thus my question is generally how do people find the M50 for my sort of use? Any common complaints?

Nice camera, just got one myself. Have been using M43 for portability for years, but like the sensor in the M50 more.

The only area that M43 surpasses the Canon M series in is with native lens selection.

Adapted EF lenses on the M50 work fine, however I have not tried the speedbooster type adapters, just the plain ef-m converter. You do need to check with Sigma about whether you need a firmware update to make your lens compatible with the M hardware, however.

Also I still have the Sigma 28-70 f2.8 on my Eos5. I only have a hazy understanding of adapters but could I get one of the clever ones and roughly keep the focal length equivalent, plus an increase in max aperture? Or have I misunderstood the game...

No, that's about right ...but you will lose some size advantage by doing that. Perhaps just getting the body and native 22mm f2  (which gives you about a 35mm FF equiv FOV) would be a better idea and a LOT more portable.


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