Sandboxie doesn't Sandbox on My System

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Sandboxie doesn't Sandbox on My System

I've tested SB v. 5.31.4 as below.

1. Closed Firefox.

2. Closed Internet Download Manager.

3. Used Process Lasso and Process Explorer to shut down any running processes related to FF and IDM.

4. Check in services to make sure the SB service was running, and that there were no FF or IDM services running.

5. Opened FF as sandboxed.

6. Opened IDM as sandboxed ('Run Sandboxed').

7. Verified that both FF and IDM showed the yellow border, indicating that they were running in SB's sandbox.

8. Went to Red River Paper's site and dl'd a file, telling IDM to save it to a directory on one of my external hd's.

9. Closed FF and IDM.

10. Opened the sandbox and deleted all the contents, without saving any of the contents to outside the sandbox.

11. Closed the sandbox.

12. Went to the location where IDM was told to save the file.

13. The file was there.

Conclusion: Sandboxie - at least this version, the latest AFAIK - doesn't prevent  files that are dl'd from a program running in its sandbox from being written to my hd.

Why is this important?

1. Because it makes using SB pointless on my system. If IDM, running sandboxed, can dl files to my hd, then certainly a malicious program can do so.

2. I had considered trying to extend my use of Win7 by using SB to always run any program that accessed the Internet. For example, to dl a program update running the program in SB, then disconnect from the Internet, empty all but the dl'd file from the sandbox, and only then move the update from the sandbox to the hd. Obviously now not an option.

3. It means others should check on their systems before depending on SB to protect their systems. Perhaps it will work as advertised for them, but they should check.

Win7 Pro all updates, Firefox 70.0.1

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