Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

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Re: Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

Guy Parsons wrote:

larsbc wrote:

I just spent the past 4 days walking around a city with two bodies and the following lenses in a waist pack: 15/1.7, 25/1.4, 8-18/2.8-4, 12-35/2.8, 35-100/2.8. It was a kind of test run to ensure that I'd be ok with walking with that much for 14 days in Japan. That's as heavy as I was willing to go (ended up removing a table top tripod and a few odds and ends to make the weight more bearable).

Yikes, a waist pack. That sort of load demands a shoulder bag strung cross body.

Unfortunately that doesn't work for me. Shoulder and sling bags (worn cross body) aggravate my lower back quite quickly. So for me, it's either a backpack with waist support or a waist pack. I chose the waist pack for its accessibility. I'm using a Think Tank ChangeUp which has an excellent waist belt and one or two shoulder straps. I can bias the weight between my shoulders and hips as needed. I also use two Capture Clips. One on the shoulder strap (I typically use a single shoulder strap) for a camera w/lens and another on the belt for my action cam.

I'm already thinking about my next Japan trip booked for 2020, 3 weeks in my case to match the 3 weeks train pass.

This will be our first trip to Japan and I really should've paid more attention to the JR Pass window first, rather than booking accommodations first. There's a lot to figure out! Everything's pretty much booked now, though; got our hotels & AirBnBs sorted out. Will try to learn some basic phrases and make sure we know how to use the buses in one or two of the small towns.

The basics will be one E-P5 plus 8-18/2.8-4.0, 12-40/2.8, 35-100/2.8 (or maybe swap that for the lighter 45-150mm?) and Samyang 7.5mm. Maybe also 12-32mm lurking for when I want a small M4/3 camera. The backup will be a Sony RX100M6 always there in a belt pouch, it can nicely cover the "24-200mm" range anyway. The M4/3 in a small shoulder bag and should weigh no more than 3kg and be no bother to carry all day. Testing starts soon for what will be a useful kit.

I'm going to leave my Samyang at home, with the expectation than the 8-18 will be wide enough. I will have to be careful using it at 8mm to photograph people, though. I seem to never notice the elongation at the edges until I'm at home, looking at the photos on my monitor! I need to force myself to keep people away from the edges.

I will probably carry just the zooms during the day at the 15 and 25 primes in the evening.

Heck I did Japan in 2009 with only a Panasonic LX3 with its "24-60mm" lens and didn't miss much then. But now I do miss wider than "24mm" hence the 8-18mm and the fisheye and am prepared to carry more weight than just a compact in a belt pouch.

I keep telling myself that thousands of photographers better than myself have photographed Japan with less but it's still hard to pare down. Sometimes I temp myself with bringing the lightweight 12-60/3.5-5.6 and leaving the 12-35 and 35-100 at home. Maybe I'll do some shallow DOF comparisons between 100@2.8 and 60@5.6.

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