My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

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Re: My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

Alexis wrote:

H Casey

I just had a Godox crash course watching all the videos and I must say it got me both excited as well as a little troubled.

You see, aside from an ancient Canon 430EX (yes the 15-year-old original), I have a Canon 580EXII and a Phottix Mitros+ (it's like a 580EXII plus all the Phottix Odin remote trigger technology), so it's a little like your 685 with a slightly friendlier use interface.. I also have a separate Phottix Odin transmiter (lik your X2T) and a couple of TTL receivers. Aside from your very exciting AD200 my kit is similar to yours but mine follows the Phottix Odin route.
I used to be a part-time wedding photographer but have given it up (except for the odd friends weddings where I will rent the gear if I need to, or use my new gear - see below) and have given my 5DIII to my daughter (she's a full-time photographer) and sold some of my lenses (but kept Canon 85/1.8, Canon 70-200 f/4L IS as well as Sigma 18-55 f/2.8 EF-S)

My main camera now is the M50 paired with 22/2, 15-45, 55-200 EF-M lenses as well as the above 3 using the EF-EFM adaptor. Ignoring the 430EX flash (too slow to recycle), the other 2 guns are too big for the M50 (although they work perfectly) so I am planning on replacing the 580EXII with something smaller like the 430EX-RT although I will not be using the Canon RT system as I will have the Odin doing that (either from the Mitros+ gun or Odin trigger), so in effect I will be paying for something I will not use.

I was hoping to find something the size of the 430 that will have fast recycle (so forget the Godox TT350) and I am at a loose end. Any advice?

Thanks for raising the "flash" pandoras box as there are many of us here interested about the various options..


similar background here- use odins, 2 triggers, 3 receivers, did weddings, etc

with a small camera, I sometimes use a bracket with my 580exII

either the shoe cord

or the odin trigger mounted and the receiver on the bracket

the bracket choice and bracket handle gives the stability

but when I really want recycle speed, I put two 550's on my dual stand with 60 inch umbrella and they keep popping without missing a beat

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