To Em5-III or not to Em5-III...

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To Em5-III or not to Em5-III...

I have a glorious Em5 mark I, a Panasonic GF7 and a daughter 11 months old ... So, I can fuel my G.A.S. thinking I can have good use of better AF during video (and better video overall).

The Em-5 mark III doesn't have any revolutionary feature such as:

  • In camera Raw editing tethered with smartphone/tablet (and cloud photo library management)
  • Depth mapping (for depth masking while editing)
  • New sensor tech able to unlock new lens design
  • Some fancy multishot processing

Still the Em-5 III ticks all the important checkboxes for me, coming from the mk1:

  • Usb charging (Finally! The charger is bigger than the camera...)
  • Better AF during video and better video, mic input.
  • Wifi-bluetooth
  • Self-timer with multiple shots. (The feature I miss most from the Panasonic)
  • Better sensor without antialiasing filter (so I can play with super resolution)
  • Focus bracketing (maybe I can make a depth map from it)
  • In camera fisheye rectilinearization.
  • Silent shutter

By diving deeper, the Em-5 III falls short on some aspects:

  • Old usb connector (ouch! I will have to carry the cable for the camera for the next seven years...)
  • Still no selfie stick-friendly remote trigger (maybe I can solve with the "af between shots" self-timer mode?)
  • No battery grip with the option of external power supply (maybe I will need it one day, for one day...)
  • Plastic body (I bring around my Em5 with 12-40 instead of the GF7 for two reasons: IBIS and because I like it in my hand).

Last two points cooled my enthusiasm... the EM-5 III seems a step-down in product positioning with a step-up in price... I started to think to buy a used Em1 mark II as all-around camera for my next 7 years, and with the price difference I could buy an E-PL-something with usb charging, someday

Or I may wait for a price drop, and in the meantime trying to make that video of my daughter coming toward me using the GF7 with a lens at f5.6...

Olympus E-M1 Olympus E-M5 III Olympus OM-D E-M5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7
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