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Shout out to Fusion Cine, Vancouver

I had the misfortune recently that my RX10 IV started acting up: text of my problem description at the bottom of this post. Seeing as my camera is well out of its warranty, I looked on the Sony Canada website for authorised service centres in the Vancouver. Found the information for Fusion Cine and checked their online reputation, which appeared uncommonly good: very encouraging! I called to make sure that they work on the RX10, which they did. The very helpful and friendly Service & Parts Coordinator lady (Michelle) said that they charge $20 for a diagnostic, which charge gets rescinded if I accept the repair quote. She said the quote typically gets sent out within 24 - 48 hours: pretty impressive I thought so I went and dropped the camera off.

In the end they got the quote to me within just a tad LESS than 24 hours: wonderful to get an organisation that beats their best estimate! That wasn't the only good news: the quote was for replacing one of the control boards: parts and labour only $157 plus tax! This was great: I must admit I was cringing ahead of time in thinking what it might be ....

This was on Tuesday. I told them to go ahead and she said that it would take "a few days" to get the part but they might still be able to do the work before the weekend: WOW! I thought that sounded like a bit of a stretch and I was to be out of town from Thursday so I said I would be more than happy if it is done by this week.

Then lo and behold: on Friday I get an e-mail saying the work is done and I can come get the camera! Like DOUBLE wow! Because I was out of town and Monday was Remembrance Day I said I would pick up the camera today, which I have just done.

In these times I think this is absolutely incredible service: I will heartily recommend the company to anyone who needs work done on their Sony in this part of the world. Well done Fusion: you are fantastic!

As for the problem description: this is what I handed them when I dropped off the camera (my original indented numbering does not show up well on the forum):

Camera partly “locks up” after taking photograph. The following is the best overview of symptoms as I have seen and remember

  1. Camera is approx. 2 years old: this started happening approx. 2 weeks ago.
  2. Appears random: once working I can take several (hundreds?) of photographs and it would suddenly re-occur. Has happened 5 – 6 (?) times in the past two weeks.
  3. Zoom, function and image view buttons stop working. Menu button most often stops working although this does not happen every time.
  4. Appears that focus seems to lock up almost all other activities/functions:
    1. When it happens in Flexible Spot mode the focus brackets stay green and the focus is locked up
    2. In Wide focus mode it seems that the camera continues to try focusing: green squares keep “dancing” (as sometimes described). If I am not mistaken it actually does focus in this mode.
    3. Can move dial to MF and MF does seem to work OK
  5. Can normally still take photographs. In Flexible spot mode the image will be out of focus unless the locked up focus is coincidentally correct. In Wide I THINK it will always (?) give correctly focussed image.
  6. Trouble shooting:
    1. Removed and reinserted battery briefly: does not fix issue.
    2. Removed battery for a longer time (up to an hour) and reinserted: does not fix issue.
    3. Removed SD card for few minutes and long time: does not fix issue. Did this with and without battery.
    4. Tried switching modes: not fixed. After turning mode dial it seems as if the camera lags a long time before changing mode.
    5. This last time the menu was still working. Did a full factory reset: no change.
  7. In the past fiddling with all buttons, all dials numerous times led to the camera suddenly “waking up” again. Unclear to me what the immediately preceding sequence was that caused it to wake up, also not sure if there is one sequence that wakes it up. Note that this is after fiddling with everything numerous times over several minutes or even a few hours later.
  8. Lens retracts and extends normally when turning the camera off and back on again. Turning off and on does not seem to change anything.

When I last turned off the camera it was in the locked up state: I am hoping it is still that way for you to be able to see it in this state.

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