Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

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Re: Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

cba_melbourne wrote:

With manual focus lenses in the film days, I used to turn the barrel either way quickly back and forth until nailing the perfect focus. It never occurred to me to think which way is "near" and which is "far".

Yes, same here. My first camera was a Minolta SR1 SLR and it had only the "ground glass" type of screen, no focus aids whatsoever apart from that same twist back and forth for nailing final focus. I still do the same twist now when using manual focus. Ingrained habit.

That is the same way how I handle the zoom setting. I turn either way until nailing the best framing. It never occurs to me which way is zooming "in" or "out". It is irrelevant to me.

I guess it has to be the same for me, the same twist back and forth action while I discover the framing that looks right for the occasion. So if I'm twisting the wrong way I simply reverse. I for the life of me cannot see any problem with "mixed" zoom rings, and I have a bunch of them. Even have an old one from film days (not used for years) that trombones in/out to get zoom.

But I can see that other people have other ways to handle it. They seem to memorize rotating clockwise (as seen from the back of the lens ) is zooming out.

There is no right or wrong way, it's an individual habit. My method has the advantage that it makes no difference, if I use an Olympus or a Panasonic zoom. The other method has the advantage to be a fraction of a second faster (as long as one does not mix lens makers .

On a "serious" trip now I may be using any of Samyang 7.5mm (no zoom ), Panasonic 8-18mm and 35-100/2.8 and normally most used would be Olympus 12-40/2.8 and maybe in good light if I want a smaller camera, the little Panasonic 12-32mm. I manage to get results despite the zoom ring conflicts of direction.

Regards.... Guy

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