A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Re: A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

Ed Rizk wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Not sure if Canon intended it as a test (w/same sensor), but since both are "new" and w/ same-sensor, could work out that way.

BUT ... I am dismayed by Canons decision to NOT include the FA-LCD on M6 (but did on 90D).

It's been that way on both cameras since the 60D and, from my reading the original M6.

I suggest ML can better utilize a FA-LCD, (and huge mistake to not include) --- while DSLR users seem "satisfied" with conventional fixed or tilting screen.

Personally, I prefer the FALCD. There are many who prefer the tilting LCD. It only matters on vertical shots. The tilting LCD is probably better if you only do horizontal shots.

And some I supposed only do "horizontal" (standing eye-level) shooting, but I certainly don't ... I very often like to do a comparison (demonstration) of how the exact same location can look totally/completely different with camera simply held (high) overhead or down low (or actually on-ground).

Being restricted to "ovf" shooting always haunted me back in film/SLR days.

I hated having to "guess" at framing while offset/high holding OVF.  Note that I was fairly proficient at it (since shooting since 1959), but was never perfect and it simply is an entire new paradigm now w/ (FULLY-articulating) LCD on ML.

I personally would never buy a M6 w/out a FA-LCD so Canon is not allowing a fair comparison if others feel the same.

It's not a deal killer for me,

It really is for me since I offset so often for the creativity it offers.

although I would always wish it was there. My hold up is that I have to get used to the idea of that goofy looking clip on view finder.

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