A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Re: A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

R2D2 wrote:

davev8 wrote:

Canochrome wrote:

First question - what is an FA-LCD?

LOL, took me a minute too.

It's a pet peeve of mine when people use new (or obscure) acronyms (more accurately

I apologize for not being clear ....

I often describe it as FULLY-articulating (and REVERSIBLE) LCD.

I think "reversible" is important not only because it allows selfie's (if your into that), but because it protects the LCD from scratches, (like belt-buckles while camera is hanging from neck).

"FULLY" is a very big thing because it allows shooting positions from even ground-level, shooting "up", (where no "rear" screen would be visible).

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