Piezoelectric Stage for nanometer level precision

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Piezoelectric Stage for nanometer level precision

Awhile back the surplus market made some Physik Instrumente piezoelectric devices available. The devices offer the potential for extreme resolution and high precision when operated "Closed Loop" with position feedback. The complete OEM Closed Loop controllers/drivers/amps are very expensive, so an effort began to develop a custom solution at a much lower cost. One solution is a full Custom Complete Closed Loop system adaptable to various piezoelectric stages (P601K, P603K for example), another was a Custom Controller to interface with the OEM P603K Driver/Amp which are available on eBay at reasonable costs. Both operate from a Raspberry Pi with a single +12V at <1/2 amp supply.

Here's a couple examples of measured position with an early developmental control system and PCBs.

More details and development evolution are available on PM.



Piezoelectric Stage 39um Range, 40 steps

1um Range, 50 steps

200nm Range with 25 steps

Should mention these are for focus stacking at very high magnifications. The camera/lens are fixed and the subject is moved in tiny increments with the piezoelectric stage.

PI P603K Piezo Satge

PI P603K Driver/Amp & Stage with Custom Controller with RPi Computer

Full Custom Controller/Driver/Amp

PI P601K Stage with Full Custom Controller/Driver/Amp & RPi

PI P601K Piezo Stage with manual XYR stage


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