Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

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Re: Olympus versus Panasonic f/2.8 standard zoom observations

Guy Parsons wrote:

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Yup, I own a big mix of lenses and used them regularly and it wasn't until somebody on the forums complained about this "reverse zoom feature" that I realised that my Oly and Pana lenses did just that. But I never noticed and it never bothered me until I was told here that it was a problem.

Do you put up with initially zooming in the wrong direction often, or do you quickly adjust to whatever lens is on the camera?

Probably a bit of both, I never actually stop to think about it.

You may consider both of these scenarios fine, but the first may be a problem to another photographer with moving subjects.

For me a moving subject may mostly involve street type scenes while on holidays and fast moving changes of little scenes or passers-by that could be interesting. Again if I start to zoom the wrong way it is immediately obvious so I reverse. Never a problem.

My two most used lenses are the Oly 12-100 and PL 8-18. Never gave any though to which way to turn the zoom ring - especially since I zoom in both directions 😃

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