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TN Args wrote:

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The Ugly:

1-100. The autofocus. OMG. (ver 1.30 btw). What a suckfest. Ok it works fine in bright sunlight. But anything less so and fugghedaboudit. It's ridiculous. I mean you line everybody up in the bar/restaurant to take a group shot and the lens hunts in and out and gives up and your cousin cracks on you like 'dude i thought you were some kind of great photographer! My iphone is better than that!'.

And don't even think about evening night street photography: Girl i'm trying to do a quick sneaky snap on ...'uh do you want me to stand still for you so you can get your shot?' what a total freaking embarrassment. This is a 2018 product, pentax, and you're charging $800 for this mess!!! ( i got mine used for $660). Absolutely shameful.

So, if you used snap focus, it would be a great camera?

I.e. if your subject happens to be at a predetermined distance.

"Hey guys, make sure you stay at 1.5 meters so you can be in focus...thanks!"

If you knew a bit about lenses and focusing, you would know how good snap focus is, and how wrong is your comment.

If you knew anything about modern cameras (anything within the last 10 years) you would know how much the GR III struggles with the easiest focusing tasks and shouldn't have to rely on glorified manual focus.

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