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Re: GR III user report -- Gee, thanks loads...

athensGA wrote:

We develop emotional attachments to our gear don't we?

I used a GR1 film camera until it gave up the ghost. I ran a GR (16.2) into the ground.

So with the release of the III, the big question for me was whether to get the III or another I/II.

I was intrigued by the new lens/sensor combo so i went with the III.

The good:

1. Yes that lens is sharp

2. Yes that sensor is a (slight) improvement, and the IQ very competitive.

3. Ibis skeptic won over. 1/2 sec shutter speed in dark areas works great for certain shots. It's a high reward creative challenge.

4. Slightly smaller form factor and improved UI definite winners.

5. Same old pocketable whiz kid. GReat for hiking, cycling, parties, nights on the town, walking your dog around the neighborhood, putting in the seat pocket of your jeep etc. Truly go-anywhere.

6. Touchscreen worked really really great. I've gotten used to the joystick on my x100f but the touchscreen is a credible alternative to focus selection.

7. super sharp super close macro shots to die for.

8. no problems with dust, wobbly scrolls, loose trim rings

The bad:

1. I do miss the flash.You never need it until you need it.

2. Positive film looked better from ver I

3. Touchscreen a teensy bit difficult to see in bright sun but not as bad as i was expecting.

4. Screen composition is ok but when it gets down to brass tacks a viewfinder is still preferred on many occasions. Ricoh REALLY needs either a keyhole ovf (á la GR1) or an accessory evf. It's something else to sell guys!! come on!!

The Ugly:

1-100. The autofocus. OMG. (ver 1.30 btw). What a suckfest. Ok it works fine in bright sunlight. But anything less so and fugghedaboudit. It's ridiculous. I mean you line everybody up in the bar/restaurant to take a group shot and the lens hunts in and out and gives up and your cousin cracks on you like 'dude i thought you were some kind of great photographer! My iphone is better than that!'.

And don't even think about evening night street photography: Girl i'm trying to do a quick sneaky snap on ...'uh do you want me to stand still for you so you can get your shot?' what a total freaking embarrassment. This is a 2018 product, pentax, and you're charging $800 for this mess!!! ( i got mine used for $660). Absolutely shameful.

Somebody's blog said 'it's because all the lens elements move together'. Total BS. if that were the case then daytime focus would be slow too.

I would keep it just because it's the PERFECT hiking/biking camera. Really. (even though my original wide adapter doesn't work and i'd have to buy another). But as I said earlier gear is an emotional thing and right now I'm P!SSED. Just p!ssed off at how pentax coulda screwed this up so bad when every damn body else can get basic autofocus right.

I'm gonna sell it and get another ver I. those are frequently going for less than $400 - and my GW will still work. I would not recommend this camera over the I/II or to anybody wanting a small do-a-lot camera to replace their iphone.

Of course, you realize The Force is in total disarray because of your post.

Now the Universe must eventually proceed to the great recycling - - - first, wait 'til the final phase of the Great Outbreath having finished its expansion phase - - - then a reverse Big Bang, our universe as we think we know it disappears back to Nothing, then a new Big Bang, and the Universe most appear all over again.

Thanks a lot!

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