Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

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Re: Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

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I’ve owned every iPhone since 4s. Also own several canon ff. Computational photography is the next level that will encompass most scenarios. Action shots (long telephoto), very low light are where ff still wins. Download focos app and see computational photography and how powerful it is to never miss another focus ever again. To be able to change your focus point after taking a picture is unbelievable. Smart hdr knows to automatically fix high backlit photos because it can identify the people in the photos. Even GoPro are have live video now because everyone wants that immersive feeling or hearing the moment and seeing it move for a second. Geotagging pics automatically and having backups to the cloud immediately is another plus. Even canon is moving away from jpg and going with heif format that Apple has been using.

Tech and software and automation etc etc are the future. Sure, I don't argue against that. I am an engineer and thus I am also someone involved in the realization of those types of innovations. 
But it is a fact that your starting point does make a difference. 
Take the A320 vs the boeing 737 max planes. The A320 was built from the ground up. Boeing on the other hand made some cost savings. They took the previous boeing 737s and put on larger engines newly designed to be competitive to the A320 fuel economy. Due to the shift in center of mass the plane would tend to dive down. So they put in software to deal with this issue.

As we know now, when the software fails things go wrong. Without the software a pilot would constantly have to fight the plane to keep it level. Tech can do a lot, but it isn't god, it isn't magic and it isn't the answer to everything. 
I have often thought "I will shoot the images from my phone in RAW and PP, things have come a long way". I place the photos of my iphone in LR and what do I see? Dullish pictures from the HDR process, or shadows that need to be lifted, and highlights pushed down, etc etc. Just minor tweaks to the images have them fall apart quickly. Push up shadows and you see loads of noise or no info in the first place. Push down shadows and you get splotchy highlights with discrete segmentation. Then zoom in and have a look. Less detail, more mushiness, and weird color gradients. The list goes on. 
People seem to forget that when you show someone a phone image and they say wow... they mean wow for a phone. The basis for those phones is this simple.... it is a tiny sensor, with loads of tiny pixels packed into a small space. The amount of information that is there for the software to work with is considerably smaller than something coming out of a FF sensor. 
Computational photography (CP) will becomes a force to recon with. BUT, if I were to have it I would rather have it combined with a better starting point. And that would have to be balanced out. For example.... I would think that a M43 or a crop sensor camera with CP would be a good balance. Enough formation for the software to work with, yet cheaper, smaller, and better for the speed demands that might be needed. 
Now... if you just do SOOC jpegs from  your camera, then I can imagine that your phone competes or is good enough in comparison. If you PP... you will quickly see that... nope.

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