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How do you get permission? I do - and I don't ... really

Justin9999 wrote:

I wish I could talk with about how you go about getting permission to take pictures. I travel to Asia about 3 times a year, and I’m always too anxious to actually ask for someone’s picture. I’m an Engineer and I have the stereotypical poor social skills that come with the territory.

At any rate, I hope you are somebody’s mentor.

When I read your comments I thought you were taking what we call here in NZ the ... (fill the blanks at your own peril...)

OK but then I thought maybe you meant what you wrote?? Dunno, but if you did mean that here is a lose layout as to how I "do" this:

To get this out of the road: I ask, but not in an asking way, but it kind of flows on. I typically talk to people first, often without a language at hand but still talk - and often they talk too. Typically great fun as you can take a lot just from the tone of your voice.

After talking/communicating for a while I simply move on. No camera has shown up, I simply just leave.

So what I am saying is that I think I treat life as such like a "date": if you appear to be too eager to get "results" it won't happen, so you better not be too keen. Any tensions are easily spotted.

But sometimes, when I like somebody's face or facial expression, outfit etc. I show people images I have taken of people, often a mix of children, middle aged people, beauty queens, some dogs, monkeys etc. maybe 10 or so pics. The maybe one of a particularly interesting person. Then see how that comes across. If it doesn't, then it's all good, but if it does find some response then I simply direct, gesture with my hands and making faces and then take photos and then show then those pics. Instant feedback.

Then I show those to some bystanders, depending on rank and importance, the mother who pulls everything towards her has the first pick.

But would I call this "asking permission"?? Dunno, I guess it is a matter of flow without wanting something too much.

The above example is NOT my typical "line" but just one example.

Not sure whether I can actually shed any light on how I do it. Compared to the true National Geographic dudes, I am probably clumsy as ...

But I am ok with that!


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