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Re: How do you get permission?

Justin9999 wrote:

I wish I could talk with about how you go about getting permission to take pictures. I travel to Asia about 3 times a year, and I’m always too anxious to actually ask for someone’s picture. I’m an Engineer and I have the stereotypical poor social skills that come with the territory.

Of course, reactions to a camera are vastly different across Asia, or the world for that matter.

I find India particularly easy, as people are very friendly and most are only too willing to be photographed. Maybe India would be a good training ground for you (if you haven't been there already).

Wherever you go in the world, I always find food a great conversation starter. I always try to find out what the local specialities in a particular area are, then I ask people 'Do you know where I can get so and so (food item)?' Often their eyes just light up and they go 'Oh, you like our food? How do you know this food at all?' And from there on things just roll smoothly.

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