1st Stress Test of Affinity Photo (Fail)

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1st Stress Test of Affinity Photo (Fail)

I've been using Photoshop CS5 perfectly well until a recent upgrade to Mac OS X. I figured I should get with the times and hastefully downloaded Affinity Photo (free trial). The very first job I put to the test was isolating an image on a white background. Think product photo, or something that would be posted on Amazon.

I've been using photoshop since 1995, so I've gotten quite used to it, and quite proficient. Even in software from 2011, I've felt like there isn't much it can't do. Maybe it would just be a bit slower, but still get the job done. So I'm trying to approach the situation with patience and not succumb to frustration.

But dang was that ever frustrating.

1. Copying and pasting an image from the clipboard did not copy the full size. Not sure if there is limit there? PS would just automatically open a new file to the right size and hitting control / command N + command V took a fraction of a second. Lightning quick. The same action requires awkwardly clicking four keys to open up the image and then it wasn't even the right size.

2. Refining the selection was sloppy compared to CS5. I thought perhaps 7-8 years of advancements in software would make this an easier task. I watched a few poorly made youtube tutorials hoping to get a better understanding of it, but it had become clear that those experts had some fairly low expectations to begin with. It seemed like amateur hour.

3. With PS, you could jump between settings by clicking tab. With Affinity, tab just toggles the palettes on and off. So I can't quickly flip between settings. PS toggles the palettes too, but not if you are working on a task in a dialogue box.

4. EVERY single action in in the Refine Selection box require the display of a progress bar! These were tiny web sized images. I think that the system rendering the progress bar required more computing power than the actual selection modification. Bizarre. And slow. There was another highly annoying problem that I can't even being to explain. But to go from real time adjustments in PS to a slight delay after every action is a deal breaker. I can't even imagine working with a full sized image.

5. In PS, if I'd want to change some values, say go from 50% to 60%, you just click shift + up. In Affinity, it starts shifting the image! Then the preview (overlay, black matte, etc.) would just disapear! If you are working on a specific task, you shouldn't be able to directly affect the image outside of that task. Only way to get the preview back is by cancelling the task and not clicking up (which seems very intuitive, and hard to avoid).

At this point, you couldn't pay me to work with this software. Am I being naive? Are there work arounds that I just don't know of? I mean it seemed to do 80% of the job after fighting with it. Are there better alternatives?

I like Adobe software. Always thought it was worth it, but hate the idea of paying a monthly rental fee that could potentially increase, and worried that my files will get handcuffed if I ever try to get out of the ecosystem. Also, I travel 6 months of the year, so I'm not working on files then, so I don't want to pay for software I'm not using. But after this experience I can imagine running back to Adobe.

Any help / suggestions / smacks in the head are appreciated. Thanks!

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