A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Marco Nero
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It might have been a mistake to add one...

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Not sure if Canon intended it as a test (w/same sensor), but since both are "new" and w/ same-sensor, could work out that way.

BUT ... I am dismayed by Canons decision to NOT include the FA-LCD on M6 (but did on 90D).

I suggest ML can better utilize a FA-LCD, (and huge mistake to not include) --- while DSLR users seem "satisfied" with conventional fixed or tilting screen.

I personally would never buy a M6 w/out a FA-LCD so Canon is not allowing a fair comparison if others feel the same.

First of all, I'm a huge fan of the Canon Flip-LCD screens.  I liked them in the past because the method allows me to protect the LCD and this was an excellent addition to the PowerShots and G-Series cameras but it was also useful on some DSLRs to enable protection.  But on cameras without an EVF/OVF it's essential that the LCD be facing the user at all times. 

First day with the M6.  Surprisingly I still have no scratches on the screen.

As someone who wears my EOS M6 on my belt EVERY DAY, and as someone using the camera in sandy, sooty, dirty environments, I was initially expecting to get scratches on my LCD screen.  I can report that there are no scratches on my M6 after more than 2 years of daily use.  The tilt-LCD screen is much faster to deploy as needed and side-use is virtually entirely unnecessary.  The tilt-mechanism seems to involve less movement and therefore less risk to the integrity of the parts.  For this reason I don't really miss it on the M6 and the tilt is extremely useful compared to a static screen.  Trying to shoot close to the ground requires that the screen be tilted.  The same applies when I fix my camera to a telescope or a long lens on a tripod. Only tilt (up and down) is required.

Tilt-LCD for Astro on the EOS M6.

Tilt-LCD Screen for Astro - on the EOS M6

Using the Powershot G1X with Filp-LCD for shooting close to the ground.
A Tilt-LCD would have been quicker to deploy and the results would be the same.

I can appreciate that Canon have the best Flip-LCD on the market and that it was always good to be able to use it on certain bodies.  But it's not missed on the EOS series when the Tilt-LCD is available.  Even those with the M50 have noted that the Flip-LCD is much slower to deploy when shooting at speed is required (compared to the models with Tilt-LCD displays).
A Tilt-LCD screen costs less to make than a Flip-LCD screen and Canon's only responsibility is to produce a quality product that gives superb returns to the shareholders.  The Tilt-LCD screen is the way to go in this instance.  The reason they put a Flip-LCD on the 90D was because the display would have been occluded (blocked) by the body of the camera.  I think Canon made the right decision in this case.
Marco Nero.

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