Godox AD200Pro questions on softbox, barebulb, ring flash head

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Godox AD200Pro questions on softbox, barebulb, ring flash head

I got a new Godox AD200Pro flash. So far so good, got a couple questions please.

I'm really interested in getting this folding/collapsible softbox, I'm debating between the 24" size or the larger 32" size. Will be doing on-location photoshoots. I'm thinking of the smaller 24" size simply for easier transport. But should I get the larger 32" size instead? Is anyone using this folding softbox with success?

24" Godox softbox?


Or 32" Godox softbox?


Is this upgraded Godox speed ring really necessary?


Also, I have a question about bare-bulb flash shooting. When I use the bare-bulb adapter, I notice that shooting in TTL is no longer accurate and is completely un-usable as exposures come out very dark. The same exposure setting using the regular (fresnel?) head works fine in TTL mode for accurate exposures. As a result, I need to shoot in full manual mode on my camera settings for bare-bulb head shooting. But can shoot in say aperture priority while using the regular fresnel head. Is this normal?

Does anyone use this Godox Ring flash (round) head? Is the lighting it puts out worth this $79 accessory?


Lastly (for now), why does the back of the AD200Pro LCD screen change to "OFF" or go into Multi(?) mode on its own sometimes? I'm not sure if I'm accidentally bumping the settings of the Godox X2T transmitter or something else is going on.

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