Got to handle the EM5iii

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Got to handle the EM5iii

We had an Olympus event the other day in my local area at a local camera store which gave me the chance to handle the EM5iii

One side note tid bit....which could be categorized under the "Captian Obvious" category was that the Oly rep said it is a safe bet that the Olympus 150 - 400 f4.5 pro lens will be introducted before the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics..(July 2020)..Yeah...surprise...We probably all new that...

On to the EM5iii

For those concerned about the plastic replacing the metal of the EM5ii body...I would not worry about it...The plastic Olymous used felt like a high quality and durable plastic and not the el-cheapo plastic on the $499 Costco DSLR specials...It felt quite nice in the hand...and felt well made...The plastic made the camera quite light...but not so light as to feel cheap...just light enough to make a substantial weight difference between it (EM5iii) and the EM1ii (they had both available to try out...)...

The larger built in grip made the EM5iii much better to hold then an EM5ii...That alone improves the usability of this camera...and for some may mean you do not need to buy the extra grip...

About the optional additional grip that you can buy...I personally loved it...It felt great in the hand...better then my EM1ii ...and the grip was much lighter then the grip available for the EM5ii (of which I mean just the top part...not including the battery grip)...The EM5iii with the grip was not much heavier than the camera without the grip...but it improved the ergonomics (for me personally) immensly...but I think many would be fine without this optional grip...

Is the EM5iii a perfect camera...No...somethings I would have done differently would have been going with USB-C instead of the ancient mini-USB jack (though those cables can be had for cheap...and are found everywhere if you need a charging cable in the field)...having a headphone out jack would be nice for video people...and having just one new killer AI photo feature like a multi-shot noise reduction mode or something like the current smart phones have...but no camera is perfect...

But to those of you concerned about the "plastic" of the EM5iii, I would not worry about it...It felt well made and it was like a mini lighter version of my EM1ii...

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