A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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This is an ongoing argument...

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Not sure if Canon intended it as a test (w/same sensor), but since both are "new" and w/ same-sensor, could work out that way.

BUT ... I am dismayed by Canons decision to NOT include the FA-LCD on M6 (but did on 90D).

I suggest ML can better utilize a FA-LCD, (and huge mistake to not include) --- while DSLR users seem "satisfied" with conventional fixed or tilting screen.

I personally would never buy a M6 w/out a FA-LCD so Canon is not allowing a fair comparison if others feel the same.

In every mirrorless brand there's about an even divide between preferences for one style over the other.  I personally prefer the flip down style to fully articulating, but, if a camera has everything else I want, the less preferred screen type (to me) is not a deal breaker.

I would imagine that the successor to the M50 down the road will have a fully articulating screen, as the current M50 does, so you may just want to wait for that one, whenever it comes......Or use the M6II and just deal with the flippy format for the time being.


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