My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

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Re: My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

Alexis wrote:

Thanks for sharing your flashy story!

Two quick questions:

a) Why did you return the Canon 430EX-RT

I actually like the Canon 430 flash quite a bit. But I wanted to move to fully wireless flash photography using Godox products so the Canon flash didn't fit into the equation. In particular, I really, REAAAAALLY wanted the super cool Godox AD200Pro flash, which is a fully portable flash for doing on-location photography with studio quality lighting. That meant I had to get the Godox transmitter to trigger the Godox flashes (AD200Pro and 685 flash. If I had gotten the Canon remote transmitter, this would not have been compatible for triggering the Godox flashes, not to mention the Canon remote costs a ridiculous $300 compared to the Godox transmitter for $60. At one point, I was considering buying a 2nd Canon 430 flash so that each unit to remotely trigger each other. But again, the problem is that it would not fit in for triggering the Godox AD200Pro flash.

Check out these Youtube videos on the Godox AD200Pro flash, which is fully TTL and can add softbox and other light modifiers to the speedring for soft lighting effect. I plan to get a folding/collapsible softbox for the AD200Pro flash for on-location shooting. The rechargeable battery is rated for something like 500 full power flashes. I got an extra battery to go with the flash. This AD200Pro flash costs $359 on Amazon plus an extra $59 for a 2nd battery. A lot of wedding photographers use this flash for shooting studio quality portraiture while on-location at the beach, hotel, park, wherever!

b) How does the 430 compare in size to the TT685?

The Godox 685 flash is noticeably larger and taller than the Canon 430 flash. As a matter of fact, the 685 flash attached to the M50 hotshoe makes the camera top heavy. The Canon 430 flash although slightly large-ish on the M50 looks really good on the camera. But I figure, if I REEEEAAALLY need a flash for an event, therefore that means I REEEAALLY need decent power, so I believe the 685 flash can deliver the results based on all the reviews and Youtube videos I've seen. Plus the 685 flash only costs a freakin $99 currently on sale!

Much of the time, I don't need a flash on top of the hotshoe for still photography. Heck, I even find the built-in pop-up flash on the M50 to be quite sufficient for quick candids, especially at ISO 400. Instead, I will be doing more video shoots than stills, hence I have various LED video lights I will be using (in addition to various external microphone attachments). Also, cuz it's only $99, I may pick up a 2nd 685 flash so that one 685 flash on the M50 hotshoe can wirelessly trigger another 685 flash remotely.

Check out this Youtube video on 2 separate 685 flashes that can trigger each other remotely:

c) How do their recycling times compare (430EX vs TT685 cs TT350)

The Canon 430 flash is decently fast, but I only had it for a short time and did test shots only, did not have a chance to use it for an event. The Godox 685 flash is also decently fast for recycle time based on my current test shots and seeing a bunch of reviews on this flash. The Godox 350 is well........slow for speed, but it's not a fair comparison cuz this small flash only takes 2 AA batteries whereas the other 2 flashes take 4. I actually did use the 350 flash for a 4 hour dinner reception event recently, and found the recycling time to be slow. Slow enough that I missed a bunch of shots whereby the flash didn't trigger cuz it was still recharging. Again, it's not a fair comparison cuz the sucker only takes 2 AA batteries.

I'm tempted to get this external Godox external battery for FAST charging for the 685 flash. I didn't even know this battery existed until I watched a Youtube video on this flash.


You're welcome!

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