Early Impression of X-T30

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Early Impression of X-T30

Background: Ex-SLR film photographer. Carried a body and bag full of lenses. Sold them when cash was needed for a growing family. Drawn back to photography years later though the availability of more time (and money), as well as the great stuff digital cameras can do.

The Need: Purchased an X-T30 for something that was (almost) pocketable, to replace a first-generation Lumix DMC-LX100 that was in a car crash with me. Rather than just buy the LX-100 Mk II I began looking at compact, interchangeable lens cameras.

First Impressions: To call this a "review" would be unfair, because I've only had the camera a week and have not had a chance to use it under various conditions. But since I look to dppreview.com for info and opinions, I wanted to at least put this much in the Forum because (1) it may help other prospective X-T30 buyers and also (2) it may generate suggestions in another Forum thread re: other solutions for the Q button. If so, pointers to a link welcomed.

The Caution: If you have big hands, be very cautious about purchasing this camera until a real fix for the Q button is implemented. The 1.10 firmware update only allows reprogramming the normal-length press — that is, for the amount of time you would normally press any function button to activate it. V1.10 does not affect the long-press.

The result for any of us with big hands is that, while holding the camera firmly, your right thumb will overlap the Q button and activate the long-press function (which brings up the Q button setting menu). That only swaps the annoyance others have reported, i.e., from bringing up the Quick Menu screen itself, to bringing up the screen on which yo can reprogram what the button will do. Either way, your shooting is interrupted.

I programmed the Q button for "None," do nothing when pressed. But unless I've missed something (feedback welcomed), there is no way to do the same for the long press.

The Solution: I'm going to try a FujiFilm MHG-XT10 metal handgrip, another $100+ invested. If this, or something else, doesn't solve the Q button problem, I'll sell the camera before investing in lenses. The body is unusable (for me). Great image quality from XF 18-55mm 2.8 OIS lens, based on early assessment. Lots of capability in body functionality. But all of that is useless if a menu pops up more often than not, as you are composing a photo.

I'll update if the handgrip helps.

Fujifilm X-T30
26 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 14, 2019
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