Topaz Legacy v Topaz AI

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Re: Topaz Legacy v Topaz AI

The changes are confusing, but perhaps not as bad as you think.

Firstly, both Studio 1 and Studio 2 can be called as plugins. Sure there is an extra step in Studio to select your filter, but that is offset by the convenience of being able to combine filters.

Secondly, it is Studio 1 not 2 that has Pro options. You should have got Pro Precision Detail (in Studio 1) for free, because of your earlier purchase of stand-alone Detail.

I think you should also have been offered Studio 2 at a discount because of your earlier purchase(s). (I can’t say how much, because I had most of the earlier filters, and got it for free.) Studio 2 includes versions of almost all the former Pro non-AI filters for everyone, including Precision Detail and Precision Contrast (my favourite). So they are still supported, but not in the way we were used to. For me Studio was an improvement because access from Lightroom is better than before.

I just wish that Topaz were more committed to developing Studio 2 than they appear to be.

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