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athensGA wrote:

ashenwreck wrote:

Is focusing worse on the III in comparison to the I or is it more just (justifiable) outrage it doesn't stack up with other modern cameras? Seems like every small body sized/large sensor has struggled mightily with this.

I keep toying with the idea of getting this at some point. My GR II's grip is in poor shape and is taped down, has a minor couple dust spots which only go noticed every great while, yet I'm just not completely sold on the idea of getting III yet. A price reduction might help, I suppose.

In good light it's a bit snappier than my v1 was. In darker conditions it is more frustrating.

I guess I'm going through the classic stages of grieving. Seriously. Today I'm just sad. This camera could be brilliant. It could be stellar. It could be an all-timer. But the low light autofocus performance renders it an unacceptable tool (for me).

The low light af on GRiii is slow and not upto modern camera standards but I think it's a little better than the GR. I had that camera for a few years, great camera but essentially the same poor low light AF in them both.

I can take the same photos as I do with sony and fuji just not as fast.

I much prefer the improvements on the griii though.

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