Nikon Z7 v. Sony A7Riii high iso noise comparison

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Re: Nikon Z7 v. Sony A7Riii high iso noise comparison

Yan M wrote:

2 questions:

1. Has anyone done or seen any high/very high ISO noise comparisons between these two cameras?

2. If not, as I can have access to both at the same time, what sort of subject would you choose in low light that would make the comparison easier/easiest? (assuming that is a sensible question)

I am also posting this on the relevant Sony forum.

Thank you


The Studio Scene comparison tool on this site is your friend.

They're basically the same.

Realistically, all cameras today of the same sized sensor have pretty much the same high-ISO performance.  The differences--if there are any--are so small (fractions of a stop) that you would only notice when pixel peeping (if you can even notice them at all).

And this is due to the nature of the noise at high-ISOs.  At high-ISOs, a majority of noise comes from a lack of exposure--photons never making it to the sensor in the first place.  A camera cannot record light that it never receives.  A tiny proportion of the noise is electronic from the sensor.

An analogy:  it's like you're comparing 92% efficiency to 95% efficiency.  For perspective, 1 stop (ISO 3200 vs 6400) is like comparing 50% to 100%.

There's probably more variance from your noise reduction tools & settings than there is from the cameras themselves.

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