Best DSLR/Mirrorless for Videoing Sports?

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Re: Best DSLR/Mirrorless for Videoing Sports?

Powdski wrote:

Hi Chris,

My budget for the camera body is around $2,000.

As for the football, I’ll mainly be on the sideline, not up in the stands. All the games take place at night.

For skiing, I’ll be at the same distance as football, or closer.

the overwhelming priority for video action shooting will be parfocal lens capability, with a motorized rocker switch, for smooth zooming.

sony and canon are the only brands that offer that in an ilc still camera form factor, but it's well out of your budget range.

so you are left with prosumer camcorders, which are actually a good solution for this:

the sensors will be tiny, but you'll be shooting at 1/60th-1/120th, which is very forgiving in low light.

af could be important, if you aren't able to use a parfocal lens(zoom all the way in, set focus, put it in manual focus mode)… sony has stacked sensor camcorders now(same tech as sony a9), so that or possibly canon dpaf would be my first choice for eval, do not get a cdaf-only camcorder for shooting action.

you didn't mention your delivery format, if for example it's youtube, hd could be sufficient, no need for 4k.

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