What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

I have a Canon 5D III, Lumix G9 and now the Z6 along with sony Rx100 iV and canon EOS-M. The 5D III is not getting used much since I got the G9. As I bought the G9 last year, I told to myself that this is the perfect camera for me for Video and stills and I am going to keep it forever. But I endet up buying the Z6 last week because there was  a really good deal. From look and feel it is very much like the G9 but the quality of stills from Z6 is fantastic. The G9 photos are really sharp and the IBIS is great but the photos from Z6 and 24-70 f4 are even sharper and they have this magic creamy look. I took some portraits from my wife and my son in harsh sunlight at iso 100 and lifted the harsh shadows in Lightroom. No camera that I have previously owned could have produced such great photos in that situation. Now I think since the Z6 is not much bigger perhaps I should even sell the G9 and also the 5D III and keep only the Z6 and the RX100 iv. But the Olympus 12-100 f4 is really great on G9 and also Video is a little tricky on Z6 compared to G9.

Until a couple of years ago, I had only one camera and did not buy a new one before I have sold the old one. But at some point, I decided not to sell the old cameras because from time to time I enjoy using them just because of the look and feel. As a result of this I have now  6 cameras on the shelf in my room and only two or three of them get used regularly. Thank god, my wife is not opposed to this but when other people see this, they think I am crazy since photography is only my hobby. Now that I have got the Z6, I am seriously considering to sell at least three cameras and all my EF lenses and buy some additional Z lenses for the money. But it is sad to see the 5D III go because it was a big investment for me 7 years ago and I handled it with so much care that it looks as if I bought it yesterday. I enjoy using it occasionally just to remember the feeling of shooting with a DSLR. But is it worth the 850 Euros which I would get from selling it? Probably not. From the photo quality point of view there is nothing it can do better than the Z6.

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