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IanYorke wrote:

histogram wrote:

Hello . I started to use Capture One with Fuji x-t3. I am happy with that intergration between these. But there is a serious problem. I finish my editing after I export to photoshop. But the colours and some highlights are different. After I search at the internet it is about preview. When I look at full size there is no problem between raw and tiff(I tried psd,jpeg) export. When I looked at fit in screen there is a difference. Capture One doesn't render highlights recovery and chromatic fixings in Raw. I post 2 photos. How can I fix it. If I can't I back to lightroom as well. My screen is 2k dell u2713h

First photo is tiff export preview

Second photo is Raw preview

More information please

It is not normal behavior.

Working perfectly on my Win 10 (1903) fully patched system, 2K Dell 27 inch.

OS version?

Try turning off GPU acceleration?

Make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed?

Is your monitor calibrated?

What have you set the preview resolution to?

Are you using Recipe Proofing, the spectacle icon on the top toolbar?

If you set up a recipe for the output to what you use for PS eg tif, aRGB, full size the Recipe proofing will reflect the output.

Hope this helps.


Hello Ian. Sorry I didn't give much info

My win 10 is same with you 1903.

I try GPU acceleration turning off. Nothing change. I have latest nvidia drive. My card is GTX 680

Yes it is calibrated with i1display pro. I will calibrate again.

My preview is 2650px

I tried proofing, but actually nothing changes or I did something wrong I tried some different dimensions but it was same. I saw same issue on lightroom years ago but there is no problem in Lr.

PS: These are screenshot from pc. I am sorry I forget to say that.

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