The Last Swimming Pool Wildlife Post This Year

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The Last Swimming Pool Wildlife Post This Year

I'll be posting up some more wildlife posts, but I had also been sprinkling in some backyard shots taken from my swimming pool every once in a while through the summer.  Since summer in Florida runs mid-March through early November, it's a long season - but it's coming to a close...and that means it's unlikely I'll be doing any more shooting from the swimming pool until March next year.

So this is the 'final batch' for 2019 - just a smattering of various backyard wildlife shot over the past few months - all taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo, while I was relaxing in my pool up to my chest in water, with the camera floating on a raft.  All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

I enjoy feeding the backyard critters - but one of the downsides is that the critters don't always like to hew to your schedule.  The squirrels know where the bird seed is kept, and like Shawshank Redemption, they work at chiseling their way into the bin little bits each day over years until they finally gnaw a hole big enough to crawl in.  This one was caught in the act.

A red-bellied woodpecker nearby on a palm tree cluster - waiting for his chance to get at some palm fruits

A grackle, hanging out on the fence in the shade

A mourning dove up on the bird bath for a drink

Grackles everywhere - they come in large waves and temporarily chase off the other birds - but then a smart blue jay will sit in a nearby tree and imitate a hawk call - and all the grackles will scatter

Closer shot of a grackle showing his iridescent feathers, while a bunch of grackles in the background paint their iridescent colors

Closeup with a mourning dove, down on the deck looking for fallen seeds

A blue jay on the bird bath - he seemed to be eyeing something in the water

I guess whatever it was passed muster, because he went ahead and drank from the bath

Nice portrait sitting still and pretty, showing his fine feather details

Northern mockingbird up on my lamppost, guarding the backyard.  They have a nest nearby in my yard, and get very defensive when other birds get anywhere near it

The blue jays are smart enough to hide in the hibiscus tree so as not to garner any unwanted attention from the mockingbirds

Mockingbird keeping a wary eye on anything that moves in the backyard - even people are not safe from his wrath, so I stay down low in the water

The squirrel has experience with mockingbirds swooping down on its head and tail, so it approaches down in the grasses, slowly and alertly

Another blue jay on the bird bath, with a hibiscus backdrop

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as ever.

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