Best DSLR/Mirrorless for Videoing Sports?

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Re: Best DSLR/Mirrorless for Videoing Sports?

Do you already have a camera and have you tried videoing any of the sports?

I think that the biggest problem will be nighttime football because you will need a longer telephoto lens and the light will be very poor. Skiing will also need a telephoto lens but the light will be much better. Basketball will also be in poor light but closer.

I shoot soccer matches, stills, not video, at night under floodlights with an Olympus M4/3 camera and an expensive ($1350) lens. That is absolutely at the limit of what my camera can shoot for still photography, however, video is more forgiving and I think that you can probably video nighttime sports with a cheaper lens. This opinion is based on an a project that I carried out some years ago using an older M4/3 body to video wildlife at night illuminated by work lights only.

I would go for a Panasonic body and lenses because they have better video, and you can get a pretty good video setup (GH5 + 45-175mm PZ lens) for under $2000.  This is the alternative that gives you the best video

However, if that can shoot nighttime football, the Sony RX10 MkIV probably can as well. It has a smaller sensor than the Panasonic but a better lens for low light. This is a fixed lens camera with a long zoom range and very good autofocus, cost about $1800. This would be my personal choice for what you are trying to do, provided the video quality is good enough.

If these don't have good enough low light video, then the next step up would be camera with a larger APS-C sensor. Lenses will be more expensive, but there are probably Sony or Fujifilm alternatives under $2000.

The final alternative is to go up to an FF (full frame) body like the Sony A7 MkIII, but lenses are going to be expensive and you will have to go well over your budget.

My suggestion is that your next step should be to ask on the Sony Cybershot forum (or on the Sports and Action forum) whether anybody is videoing nighttime football games with a Sony RX10 MkIV  That should tell whether the quality is good enough.

For what it is worth, I have looked at some of the BallerVision videos and I suspect that they are using quite a small sensor camera.

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