24mm F1.8 S disappointment

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Re: 24mm F1.8 S disappointment

Andre Yew wrote:

Jay A wrote:

Thanks Mike butI am not really complaining about the 24. I'm just stating that the 14-30 is apparently good enough for my purposes.

I think what Mike is saying is that forward field curvature in the 14-30 might make it appear that the zoom is sharper in the corners than the 24S. The depth of field for 45MP FF probably isn’t enough to cover at f/5.6 the corners for your perspective for them to be in focus that much.

So to eliminate that possibility, you’d want to use a scene with some detail perhaps further away in the upper corners. Let me know if I got anything wrong, Mike.

how about someone just take a stupid pic of a brick wall. i cant believe this thread has gone on as long as it has without someone doing the one, very un-technical thing, that will show which lens is sharpest in the corners. if the 24s is sharper on a flat surface, then guess what, we know that is caused by field curvature in the 14-30.

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