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I'm wondering how good is the iPad pro and can it substitute my MacBook Pro?

To specify and give some context, I'm an amateur photographer and I want a simple setup. I currently have a MacBook Pro (2015) and I want an iPad. My main reasons for wanting an iPad is because I just got elected to the municipality council where I live and I have to attend buckets of meetings where I prefer working of a iPad. In addition I want it for reading newspapers and streaming.

Since I'm going to by an iPad I'm wondering if the Pro version is good enough so it could replace my Mac for most purposes. My workflow is importing images to C1, edit, export to photos and upload to smugmug. I use photos as a gallery for all my photos and smugmug for sharing, an extra backup and because I always have access to my photos that way.

I know an iPad pro wouldn't be a real replacement for my Mac, but to what extent could I replace my Mac? It would be so nice to go on vacation without bringing my Mac, but still be able to sort through my photos, edit a bit and post images.

Do any of you have experience in using an iPad pro do instead of a computer for managing photos, editing etc? What apps are you using? What apps do you recommend for raw-files? What do I need to consider? Please keep in mind that returning to Adobe lightroom is not an option...

As I see it, this opens up the possibility to use more JPGs and only edit the raw-files that need it... Does any of you have this workflow? I'm skeptical as I have tried this before, where it stranded on me knowing I could make the photo even better by editing the raw file... Are any of you using only/mainly the JPGs with any success?

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom and Thana for any input in advance 😀


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