Nikon Z50. Updating review and pictures. Review Part 1.

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Nikon Z50. Updating review and pictures. Review Part 1.

Hello Everyone!

Recently I've bought a Nikon Z50. In this theme I will be gradually creating a review, adding more and more information. I will also show you pictures I'll get from this camera.

I've bought a kit with 16-50/3.5-6.3 and FTZ to use with my other lenses. So, first of all, I'll tall you about


Nikon 16-80/2.8-4 is fully compatible, works great with FTZ,

Sigma 50-100/1.8 is also fully compatible and works great with FTZ.

Tokina 12-28/4 Pro DX is also fully compatible (unexpected for me)!

Tamron 16-300 could not lock in focus on Z7 with FTZ. However, with Z50 and FTZ it works! Not absolutely good, can hunt on 200-300mm sometimes and does not work with full field focus, yet still it's not completely unusable, you can use it on Z50 with some limitations...


The grip is quite nice. I would prefer if they've kept the size of Z7 and Z6, this IS small enough, yet still, Z50 is quite comfortable to hold due to its D5500-like grip. If you have large hands, it will be too small for you however.

Due to this comfortable grip it is easy to use this camera with big lenses like Sigma 50-100.

EVF is very nice. Really, really nice. The picture in it looks great, no traces, no strobbing, no pixels, and it is quite large, slightly larger then the OVF of D7500 (with I also have).

The screen is nice too, yet, Nikon, WHY it is not a side tilt&swivel type? Why this ugly downwards tilt? Why, why!? Sidle swiveling screen is so much more useful!

Screen is full time touch sensitive. Menus, i-panel, AF point while using screen (not EVF) - it's all there. You cannot use it instead of a joystick while looking at EVF, that's bad but not a disaster if you ask me.

2 wheels and 10 buttons, 2 of which are Fn ones, gives you quite comfortable camera controls. Everything beyond this you can do with a customizable i-panel on the screen. Overall - quite good and comfortable controls.

Battery life seems to be good. I studied the menu, then took camera for a little stroll, shot about 250 pics and that all took 1/3 of the battery. Acceptable.

No upper screen... I've used to it. so this disappoints a bit. Only a bit. Though, again, would be better it this camera had the same size as Z7, it could have an upper screen then.

There are 2 User modes on PASM disc.  It's great to have them, I used them a lot on my D7500. The PASM disc itself is rotated quite easily and has no button that prevents it rotating. This can be a problem to someone, disc can accidentally be turned.

The front wheel is usual Nikon's wheel, the back one is a large metal disc - very comfortable to use. I made it to be the "main" wheel (of course you can swap them in settings).

Well, that's all for now... And now ...

Sample pictures, part 1.

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Nikon Z50
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