What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

Went out with one of our dogs this afternoon. Decided to take an Olympus XA2 with a roll of cheap Kodak Colorplus 200 in it and take some shots so you can all see the sort of stuff I'd like to take when out and about.

So light was actually a bit poor. It was sunny, but sun was very low in the sky, there were a lot of dark clouds about, and it was getting dark pretty rapidly. Typical late autumn late afternoon light in the UK.

Anyway, here's a few samples. Not great by any means, but a few fun snaps whilst out and about. Best thing was it was in the pocket of my rain jacket (a necessity..) and I used it one handed whilst holding a lead with an enthusiastic dog attached. I think she actually had more fun than me but there you go..

So I'm looking for something compact and pocketable that doesn't mind getting a bit bashed about and abused and probably can be handled one handed.

One big point tho - low sun, behind me meant for many shots there's no way I'd have seen anything on a screen in front of me.. viewfinder on the XA2 isn't exactly great, but it was better than a screen with low sun on it.

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