It's official : CFexpress is the future

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Re: It's official : CFexpress is the future

T O Shooter wrote:

That's what I said first when XQDs came out. Wished my D4 had two XQD slots. Now I realize that for me, and the burst I shoot, 160 mb/s Cfs in bodies that take CFs, and 95 mb/s SDs (in the D500 and D850) are more than enough. For me, there's no downside to having an SD in the slot, and no upside to buying more XQDs.

As I said about buying a Zee, and I'll say about buying CFx and more XQDs, no point in me looking at a fool in the mirror in the morning. It's about the same as putting 100 octane fuel in a vehicle that requires 87 - zero benefit.

First of all, I have a D5 with dual XQD slots, and I need that speed.

But XQD is more than just about speed. In my experience, it is the most durable card format compared to CF and SD. CF has those vulnerable pins that is well known, and it has reached its theoretical speed limit.

I have just lost a number of SD cards initially; they are small enough that they can be misplaced, e.g. falling into gaps in furniture ..., and I have also cracked a few and some develop problem with the little lock switch. I have a couple of SD cards that would engage that switch automatically when I push it into the camera. Since the card is no longer writable, I get an error message from the camera immediately. Pull the card out, unlock the switch and reinsert, and that lock is engaged again ....

XQD/CFx is easily my favorite among the three, and hopefully prices will come down once we no longer need to pay royalty to Sony and there is more competition. There are more than half a dozen manufacturers with CFx cards coming ..., but none seems to be actually available yet.

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