Advice For New A7R II Owner On Full Manual Operation

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Re: Advice For New A7R II Owner On Full Manual Operation

I'm not familiar with the Nikon smart adapters, so I can't help that much there.

For the FD adapter, though, there should be an open/close ring on the adapter. It needs to be set to open when mounting the lens, then you set it to close to engage the FD stop down lever. Aperture is set using the aperture ring on the lens, and you will see the aperture blades moving in the lens as you adjust it.

The camera will have no idea what lens or aperture was used. You will need to manually set the IBIS focal length for stabilization to work correctly. If you want to record the aperture or lens model in EXIF, you'll need to add the Lens Corrections app, and use that when shooting - I don't use it, and I don't miss this information much.

If you'e shooting at a small aperture, you might want to focus with the lens open first (either by using the Open/Close ring, or the aperture ring) so that you have a clearer plane of focus to show in peaking and even in magnification. Then you can stop down to take your shot. For large to mid apertures on normal to long lenses, focusing with the lens stopped down works fine.

One other thing to be aware of with Canon FD and nFD lenses is that, for most nFD lenses, the way I've described above is the only way it works. For FD lenses (the breech lock ring ones), you can usually push the aperture stop down lever up until it locks in place. Then the aperture will be stopped down all the time, and you don't have to worry about the Open/Close (sometimes labeled Lock/Unlock or somesuch) ring on the adapter. If you also shoot FD bodies with these lenses, make sure to unlock the aperture lever before using the lens on the FD body, as leaving it locked will result in incorrect exposure in the film cameras.

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