Advice For New A7R II Owner On Full Manual Operation

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Curtis B
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Advice For New A7R II Owner On Full Manual Operation

I recently picked up a used A7R II and a Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF Adapter Mark II adaptor for Nikon to Sony (as well as a Fotodiox for Canon FD/FL to Sony). The AF adaptor seems to work just fine on my newer G lenses but not so great for the AIS classics.

What I'm getting is test images where regardless of the setting on the lens it's shooting wide open. My question has probably come up before I'm guessing but I've looked all over and have not managed to correct it yet so if anyone has a link to something that addresses it I'd appreciate it.

The other thing is I also have some other vintage lenses and I got a basic plain jane Fotodiox for Canon FD to Sony as well. Same thing. It shoots wide open and can't be stopped down at the moment. I've gone through the menu innumerable times but here again if it's just something I'm missing I'd appreciate your advice.

I like the camera otherwise but part of the reason I opted to try it was my lens collection from the film days. I'm not sure I'd keep it if I can't get it to stop down correctly. I've messed with the setting that turns on the "effect" of stop down. It does nothing. It does not emulate the stopped down view.  No darkening etc.  The camera shoots at wide open and no other view comes up. It doesn't matter what the lens is set at.

I'd guessed the AF adaptor might be an issue with manual lenses so I tried the full manual adapter I got for the FD lenses. Fully manual lens, fully manual adaptor, with the camera on M. I'm probably missing something any thoughts?

Generally speaking I'm a person who operates a camera in manual mode most of the time but I'm new to the Sony system.  I'm interested in developing a Sony native lens assortment but the plan was to use the others too essentially.

An example of what I'm seeing is a lens shot at f1.4 or f16 but the camera is registering the same shutter speed.  I just shot a couple more test images.  I put a G 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 lens on and set the ISO way down to 50 and the A to 16 and an exposure of 1 second was about right.  Then I put on a 35mm f1.4 that's an AIS lens and stopped it all the way down as well.  I changed no setting on the camera itself which is set on M.  Totally blown out.  I'd expect it would be brighter since the one lens is faster than the other.  The proper shutter was about 1/250 on the manual lens.  Whether it was at f1.4 or f16.  The camera is registering f1.0.  Same thing whether the adaptor is smart or dumb.

Thoughts?  Advice?  Links?  Aren't supposed to be able to use these older lenses in some sort of fully manual mode?  Every one says they work fine so I assume I have something set wrong.

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