M6ii Arca Swiss plate

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Re: M6ii Arca Swiss plate

Gav M wrote:

senaduasatu wrote:

I put my plate under ef to efm adapter. It never bother my m50 battery's door. But i'm waiting my cage arrived. it has space for battery's door. I hope m6ii cage will available soon.

I'm looking for a cage myself. Which one did you order? And has it arrived yet? Cheers

I bought UURig brand. A little bit cheaper than SmallRig brand.

It has bigger grip than m50, feels better. on the top left, it has cold shoe.

Bottom side don't block battery cover. A little problem when I add a PD anchor. It block the cover. It need a little push from the side.

the other problem is were should I mount PD plate? If I mount on the bottom, I will loose a flat surface. if on the side, it will too wide when I slide in the belt clip.


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