What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

Bridgehouse wrote:

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions! Really useful food for thought.

By way of context and to fill in a bit more detail - one expected use will be when I’m out dog walking - lots of great things to take pictures of, but limited hand capacity and needs to be able to go in a pocket quickly!

I probably am asking for too much an I suspect the time will come when I have to compromise - and that may we’ll be the viewfinder..

I had a Panasonic GF1 years ago - it was a fine camera but the lack of viewfinder meant it didn’t get as much use as it probably should have done. I use my phone every day for work pictures - to document stuff - It’s an iPhone 11 so output is as good as it gets, but just feels so soulless.. maybe that’s me being a curmudgeon!

Did you consider the pancake like 16-50 on your Z7 or maybe on a Z50 to become even smaller?

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