What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

john isaacs wrote:

Bridgehouse wrote:

I know this might not seem totally Z related, but I value the opinions of those of you who have invested in the Z mount like me.

The Z7 has been a camera that has got me back into the hobby as strongly as I’ve ever been in the past - I’m a film shooter as well, and I’m shooting as much with the Z7 as I do with film nowadays..

I’ve had a lot of digital cameras in the last 20 years, and for the first time I feel I have one which ticks enough of the boxes to really invest in a system heavily.

However, there’s one area where the Z7 doesn’t fit the bill entirely - and that’s the pocketable carry about camera.

As a film shooter, I’ve got a whole range of cameras I take out and about with me for casual shots - the most used is an old Olympus XA2.

The Z7 gets used for organised days out shooting, portraits, landscapes, a bit of Astro, digitising film, and pretty much any time I’m going out with the intention of spending the day shooting. It’s done museums aplenty, motorsport shooting and all sorts in between.

However, it’s not a camera for slipping in a jacket pocket and casually carrying around for snaps. I’d like a digital so I don’t have to necessarily take a film camera out with me for this purpose.

My criteria:

- Cheap (I want to spend my cash on Z lenses!)

- Fits in a jacket pocket

- Large sensor - at least m43 (not keen on 1” as I tried an RX100 and didn’t like the output)

- Must have a viewfinder/EVF - I just can’t do the whole peering at a screen - I’ve used film compacts for too long..

- New or used, don’t care as long as it’s good quality

- Fixed or interchangeable lens - if it’s an ILC there needs to be a good pancake option to keep the size down

- Reasonable ergonomics - the Z has spoilt me tbh as I love the Nikon way of doing things

What are you guys using as a small compact lightweight cheap travel and pocketable companion to your Z’s?

Panasonic LX100. Version 1 is 12.8 mp and reasonably priced. Version 2 is 20mp and much more expensive. But your 45mp may have you spoiled for low mp bodies.

I’m not spoilt yet - the 45mp is great - but I find myself using DX mode a lot and am perfectly happy with the 20mp output. I don’t print wallpaper size prints. The 45mp is actually most useful when digitising film, as it resolves grain well.

The Lx100 series does look like a good option. Need to check out some samples to see how it compares to the RX100

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