Automatic ISO Feature (in Canon Cameras?)

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Neil Schofield Contributing Member • Posts: 634
Re: Automatic ISO Feature (in Canon Cameras?)

The usual way I shoot BIF or BOAS with my 1DX2 is to use manual mode with auto ISO set to max 1600 with exposure compensation of +2/3rds, I can then set shutter speed and aperture freely as I need knowing that any spare light results in lower iso, it also allows me to quickly change exposure compensation quickly for white sky work

Effectively it’s the auto iso in tandem with exposure compensation that makes this work for me, my fiancée on the other hand shoots with fixed ISO, exposure compensation and only changes the shutter speed so aperture goes to whatever the light determines

The max 1600 iso is my personal preference, and if there isn’t enough light I simply reduce shutter speed or take the teleconverter off ( use a wider aperture or faster lens, if only I had one)

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