What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

Well, I suppose you’ll get all sorts of replies to your question so here’s my 2 cents (or 2p as I’m sitting in the UK!)

Always a huge fan of the Ricoh GR line - APS-C sensor and the 2.8 lens quality is stunning. The set up options are amazing, the 28 mm focal length can be cropped to 35 and 47. The ‘one shot’ grab ability is also neat. No viewfinder, true, but I have an OVF (not EVF) which fits on to give the fields of view - although that could be hard to find.

The Coolpix A came out at the same time which was very similar, but significantly more expensive! Very good if you can find one.

I also agree with some comments about the N1 system - had its plus points. Lenses were average with the exception of the 70-300 (hardly pocketable anyway!) which is brilliant for wildlife, the 6.7-13 and top of the heap (IMO) is the 32mm 1.2. Metal body and showed what Nikon could have done had they not screwed up the whole launch/marketing/price thing. A J5 (best of the N1 sensors) with that gives excellent quality, although no EVF of course.

Finally, a left-field mention of a V1 which I still use to this day. Has a viewfinder, and with something like the 10-30 PD, or a 10.5 pancake is very compact indeed. Quirky (!) undoubtedly but the AF for its time was astonishing (and is still very good) - not the best sensor ever but depends how picky you are - it’s actually fun to use.

IMO it’s also brilliant for OOC Camera B&W - something about that sensor!

Oh, and the battery will fit the Z cameras! Not as highly rated and no in-Camera charging but I use those batteries in my Z6.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.

You may think that - I couldn't possibly comment.

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