What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

madecov wrote:

Nikon 1 V3 and a few lenses.

I really like the kit. Would be very cool to have an adapter allowing my S lenses to work

I would have also recommended the Nikon 1, but unfortunately I found the lens lineup to be really lacking. The combination of small sensor and slow lenses always made this a tough call for me, with only 1 exception: the 18.5mm F/1.8 prime lens.

(I do own a Nikon 1 J3 with this lens, but it doesn't have a viewfinder. The focus & usability is better on the Nikon, but my Panasonic has a much better lens selection).

I liked the idea of the 32mm F/1.2 portrait lens, but once the price tag is involved, it becomes considerably less appealing. Also, much better done on the Panasonic, with its 42.5mm F/1.7.

And all of the other Nikon 1 lenses are slow, making this more-or-less competitive with phones, unless you want more reach (at which points the combination is often too large for a pocket).

Just my 2 cents.  YMMV.

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