What do you use alongside your Z?

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Re: What do you use alongside your Z?

I just got my Z6 two days ago to see how I like it back in Nikon land again (I left back in 2015 once I'd jumped into Olympus m43 land with an e-m10 and then an e-m5ii) now that there is a proper mirrorless option. I've shot with DSLR (and some film way back when) bodies for a long long time, but I found that I began leaving my gear at home too much so I wanted to spice it up and give mirrorless a try with the e-m10 and the kit lens and use nothing but that for 30 days...after 14 days I sold almost everything else I owned and bought some primes haha.

Anyway here I am back in Nikon land and I'm loving my Z6 so far using the FTZ and a 50mm 1.8g as that's my favorite focal length. I shipped off my e-m5ii and prime lenses (25/45mm f/1.8 and 25/45mm f/1.2) the same day so all I have left is the Z6 and my e-m1ii with a few basic lenses I didn't use much (zoom lenses for kits).

Well...I regret selling the e-m5ii INSTEAD of the e-m1ii because I would really love to have that body with a 17mm lens permanently attached without any extra grips (I had the full HLD-8 setup for mine). The e-m5ii is the perfect size for a very powerful camera while still being small and easily able to throw in a jacket pocket with a small lens attached to it.

Perhaps the new e-m5iii would be even better for that since it's smaller, or go with the e-m10iii which should be about the perfect size. Either throw on a pancake zoom (14-42mm) or a fixed prime lens (my preferred choice) like the 25mm or even smaller the 17mm and I think you're golden.

I'm pretty sure I'll be selling my e-m1ii very soon and replacing it with one of those again instead. It's a FANTASTIC camera and I like many things about it more than the Z, but I don't need them both and I'd be much better served with the smaller camera and a single fixed prime to go with my Z.

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